At Roof Fix Roofing Ltd we offer a wide range of flat roofing solutions to suit your application, your taste and your budget.

We only use the best quality materials on the market today and do not always need a deposit from you before we get started. Our quotations come with no obligation but do come with affordable prices and a 14 day cooling off period.

All of our flat roofs are fully guaranteed but should you need an Insurance backed guarantee this can also be arranged for you!

Our flat roofing selection includes:

GRP Fiberglass

Offering a 25 year guarantee, a GRP fiberglass roof is a flexible and workable option for many customers. GRP is a modern roofing material which is aesthetically pleasing and compliments any building. It requires very little maintenance, has a superb quality finish and is installed cold. Great for residential homes as well as commercial and industrial properties.

3 layer Torch on Felt

A Felt roof is a popular roofing option because it fits into any budget and is a trusted and reliable material which has proven to be sturdy and durable. If it becomes damaged or split, the offending part of felt can be replaced without the whole roof having to be relaid which keeps repair costs down to a minimum. Felt roofs come with a typical 10 year guarantee.

EPDM Rubber

Applied cold, an EPDM rubber roof can last 50 years or more. EPDM is Incredibly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It has a waterproof finish, so no water can penetrate the material and effect the structure of the building. The high quality finish has no seams or seals.

Our qualified team have expert flat roofing knowledge and will always advise you on the flat roofing solution they think will be the best for your application. A thorough roof assessment will be carried out to instruct you on our findings and why one particular flat roofing option will be better than another.

Whether you decide on a GRP fiberglass, 3 layer Felt or an EPDM rubber roof, our team will put in the same attention to detail to make sure you receive a flat roof that not only looks great but will last for decades to come.

We design and install flat roofs for new builds, garage extensions, sheds, dormer windows, porches and entrances, call and speak to our team about your flat roofing requirements.

Enquiries are welcomed from residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout London and Surrey so call Roof Fix Roofing Ltd today on either London 020 8945 7066 or Surrey 01483 679880, we will be happy to talk to you.

Installation of a Fiberglass Flat Roof – before and after

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